NAKED: Chronicling the Experimental Short Film as Cinematic/Auditory Poetry Essay

Beginning today, actually day 5 of my editing process on my experimental short film, Naked, I’ll talk about what it takes to get from loads of raw footage gathered over several years to screening status.

Here’s my plan;

  1. I’ve set a preliminary screening in Joshua Tree for mid-May before I leave for Berlin. Having this date out there, looming, keeps me focused and motivated.
  2.  It’s been years since I’ve been in film school and had to do a lot of editing. In the interim, I’ve made a few experimental shorts:
    1. lust, lick, lies
    2. documentation of breathing
    3. boundaries of the flesh
    4. of the flesh and all your actions


3. I’m spending several hours watching Walter Murch, and This Guy Edits, to get back into the mindset of the editing art and craft.

4. Today, I actually began curating my footage from the hundreds of clips I’ve accumulated for this project directly and indirectly (more about this soon).

Dive into your Passion with Limit Experience,


joshua tree, ca

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